Comment ça marche ?

Comment ça marche ?


What is the principle?

By registering on Outbuster (or subscribing), your get a code. When a loved one uses this code to subscribe, you earn an additional free month and your friend too.

I received a friend's code, how do I use it?

Create your account by clicking on "FREE TRIAL" or "I SUBSCRIBE". When you arrive on the screen of entry of your bank card, you will see a field "I have a code". This is where you will use the code. Enter your bank details, validate, it's over, you have 2 months free!

At least 5 people subscribed thanks to me, how to enjoy my free months?

It's automatic, every month (so for 5 months) we will refund the subscription. You have nothing to do. And there is no limit!


How to benefit from a first month of subscription offered on OUTBUSTER

It's automatic ! When you click on "I subscribe" (or on "View movie" then "I subscribe"), the payment window appears, you enter your credit card, the first month is free, the months following at the normal rate (€ 6).

How to watch a movie on OUTBUSTER?

You must first create an account and then order a session or subscribe. If you choose to pay at the meeting, it will be valid for 48 hours (which means you can watch your movie as many times as you want during this period). If you opt for the subscription, you look what you want, when you want, as many times as you want. Sessions are now only available in streaming.

How does the subscription to OUTBUSTER work?

The subscription to our offer is unlimited and without commitment. This means that you will have access to all the films offered as many times as you wish and that you can unsubscribe at any time (after 2 hours or 2 years).

The first deduction takes place on the day of your subscription and then every month on the same date. If you stay subscribed obviously!

In which countries can I watch OUTBUSTER movies?

All over ;-)


Can I access OUTBUSTER from my box?

OUTBUSTER is not yet accessible via your operator's TV services. We warmly invite you to touch them two words;)

On which screens to watch your OUTBUSTER sessions?

To watch our films you only need a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, ...). is available on all your devices: PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone ... And even on your TV, with a simple HDMI cable or a Chromecast key).



OUTBUSTER is an on-demand cinema portal (VOD and SVOD) dedicated to all these films that never arrive in theaters for the wrong reasons: actors not bankable enough, barred or too original screenplays, production origins too exotic. All these movies discovered and adulated by film fans around the world and yet have not yet found legal means of dissemination. While they deserve to be seen by many more than a few geeks moviegoers.

At OUTBUSTER, we love these nuggets often come from elsewhere and wanted to create a real showcase allowing you to enjoy it as it should be: in the best possible image quality and with subtitles that do not transform Michael into Michel. We only guarantee good movies that you will not see anywhere else.

How are the movies on OUTBUSTER programmed?

Our programming is dedicated only to the original and the exclusive. You will find only films that have never been shown before and you can not find elsewhere. Our main selection criterion is the recommendation on social networks. The more the film is rated and talked about in connected communities, the more likely it is to be on OUTBUSTER. Finally we want to be complementary to the rooms with a more open offer on the world.

I know a real slap never distributed, how do you suggest it?

You can write to us at , we will read you with interest!