Flesh City

Flesh City

Chaos Reigns


De quoi ça parle ?

Un jeune couple tombe dans un monde sombre et incompréhensible dans le sous-sol d'une boîte de nuit nihiliste, ouvrant un portail vers la mutation et le chaos.

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This is going down as the most fucked up and confusing movie that I have seen this year but trust me when I say you need to watch it. The visuals in this are relentless and fantastic. There is so much going on. Granted that half the time I had absolutely no bloody clue what the hell was going on but I could not stop watching. Mostly shot in a very washed out, industrial, black and white style highlighted by flashes of vibrant colour with some great gore and bizarre musical performances, it’s entertaining if nothing else.

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Obviously Flesh City isn’t for everyone. It’s going to be tough going for those who need an easy to follow narrative and mainstream visual styling. Those who think David Lynch makes strange movies are going to be tested. Fleisch said in the material that came with the screener “I have a background in experimental film, studying for two years with Austrian avantgarde filmmaker Peter Kubelka at Städelschule”. It shows in Flesh City. Those who can’t deal with films outside of the mainstream narrative structure are going to hate this. If you’ve been exposed to experimental and avant-garde film, and liked what you saw, this should satisfy. BTW, the film comes with a warning for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Heed that warning.

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  • Film allemand
  • Genre : Horreur musical sous acide
  • Réalisé par : Thorsten Fleisch
  • Avec : Maria Hengge, Helena Prince, Christian Serritiello, Eva Ferox
  • Durée : 1h24
  • Film en VOST

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